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ČD’s Railjets - With RZD Sleepers!

posted on 22nd May 2014 16:31

On 15 May 2014 ČD’s second Railjet was delivered to the Czech Republic. Starting on 21 May ČD modified and extended the railjet test commercial service to make use of both trains. These now cover six services daily, trains IC 570, 571, 572 and 573 between Praha and Břeclav and IC 100/101 „Moravia“ between Břeclav and Bohumín. The „Moravia“ trains regularly incorporate through RZD sleepers forming the direct service between Wien and Moskva and are now being hauled by the ČD Railjets over the Czech network. The photos taken on 21 May 2014 at Přerov show IC 100 Břeclav - Bohumín, which on that day was formed of the second Railjet, with Taurus 1216 234.
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