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Class TEM23 Locomotives Sent For Testing In Kolomna

posted on 26th May 2022 09:50

On 25 May 2022, two Class TEM23 shunters produced by BMZ left for acceptance and certification tests to VNIKTI. There the locomotives will be tested at the VNIKTI test line in Kolomna, which has a length of over 40 km. Specialists will check their traction, technical and environmental characteristics, and assess their functional safety and other parameters.

Early this year both TEM23 locomotives underwent a test operation at the Bryansk-II depot as part of the preliminary tests, operating of about 450 h each. The result of the successful completion of this stage was the assignment of the letter "O" to the design documentation. Now all the components and systems of the locomotives will have to pass much more extensive tests. If successful, this will make possible to obtain a certificate of compliance with the TR TS 001/2011 standard and subsequently to start batch building of these locomotives.  

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