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Deliveries Of Subassemblies For KTZ's 2020 Order Completed

posted on 29th Dec 2020 11:46

In late December 2020, TVZ has sent to Tulpar works in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, the final batch of subassemblies for the new passenger cars ordered by KTZ, bringing the 2020 deliveries to 100 cars in total. The last batch included 42 Model 61-4447 „platskartny“ (non-compartment) carriages and eight Model 61-4440 compartment carriages.

Like with the previous batch of 50 „platskartny“ car subassemblies sent to Kazakhstan this summer, the final assembly will be carried out at Tulpar facilities, using the carriages without interior built at Tver, together with interior kits provided by TVZ.

The 160 km/h cars are, among other things, fitted with modern water and air disinfection units. They purify the air using high-power amalgam germicidal ultraviolet lamps - similar to those used for disinfecting premises in medical institutions. When bacteria and viruses enter the installations, they cease to be dangerous to humans. Each unit can disinfect up to 2,500 m3 of air per hour.

In total, since the beginning of 2019, TVZ has manufactured and sent 209 (63 + 46 + 100) subassemblies to Tulpar vagon kurastyru zauyty (Tulpar VKZ, Tulpar car building plant, in Russian Vagonostroitelny zavod Tulpar). This is since 28 October 2019 a new name for the Tulpar-Talgo site, which in 2011 was opened in then Astana, following the construction carried out in cooperation with KTZ and the Spanish company Patentes Talgo. Now, the only owner of Tulpar VKZ is Remlokomotiv, a KTZ subsidiary.

Between 2012 and 2015, 436 Talgo type cars (forming 16 rakes) with a bodyshell width of 2,942 mm were produced for KTZ there according to the F-061 project, and between 2015 and 2017 further 178 Talgo type cars (forming six rakes) with a bodyshell width of 3,200 mm were built according to the F-065 project.

Then KTZ turned away from Talgo technology and since June 2019 the Nur-Sultan facility has been producing the standard 1,520 mm gauge four-axle passenger cars using the subassemblies delivered by TVZ. However, for 2021 KTZ announced that it is planned to acquire 62 Patentes Talgo cars.

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