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Estonian FLIRTs Start Test Runs

posted on 18th Jan 2013 09:58

Elektriraudtee's FLIRTs have started their first test runs. The first one took place on 8 January 2013, when EMU 1401 ran from its home depot at Pääsküla, on the outskirts of Tallinn, to the city's main station, Balti Jaam (shown here). FLIRT DMU 2404 made the same short trip for the first time on 10 January. The following day, 1401 made its first trip out of the capital, as far as the end of the electrified network at Aegviidu, on the line running east from the city. 2402 made a similar trip on 14 January, but also covered the non-electrified stretch of line between Aegviidu and Kadrina.
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