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First Mireo Smart on test

posted on 22nd Nov 2023 11:38

On 22 November 2023, the first Mireo Smart EMU celebrated its official rollout at the Krefeld works. This was, however, virtual presentations, the journalists were invited via teleconference.

The development of this train was announced in November 2020. The Siemens Mobility‘s idea behind this new family is to offer regional and commuter operators in Germany an especially efficient procurement process that takes only a maximum of 18 months from placing the order to the start of operations. This is a similar process like with the Smartron locomotives introduced in 2017, which are also possible to order via internet.

The sales process, based on a data sheet with fixed conditions, is transparent and uncomplicated, making the ordering of trains easier. During this process, customers can also acquire a service contract with a spare parts and maintenance package to maximize the profitability of their operations.

The unified 15 kV 16.7 Hz 160 km/h three-car EMUs are thus also available for small orders. The 1,435 mm gauge trains have a Bo‘ 2‘2‘ Bo‘ axle arrangement, a 2,600 kW power and a starting acceleration of up to 0.96 m/s2. Wheel diameter is 880/810 mm (new/worn). The Mireo Smart EMU has a length of 69,860 mm over couplings and is TSI and EN 15227 compliant, fitted for EN 45545 standard fire protection. It has PZB 90 ATP and ETCS OBU. Up to four Mireo Smarts can run in multiple. It is also possible to use double traction with a standard Mireo EMU and a Desiro HC (depending on type).

The trains with a seating capacity of 214 (12 of them in first class) and space for 21 bicycles and two wheelchairs, have an unified, finished interior. The trains are also equipped with high-capacity air conditioning, on-board internet, passenger information and security monitoring systems, and large TFT displays in the entry areas. 

The cost of this version is 6.8 million EUR. Only if a very large number of trains were ordered at the same time could a price reduction be discussed. The first two Mireo Smart pre-series trains, were already sent to PCW for test. Currently, the manufacturer has not yet received any orders from any customers, however four more units are currently being built, all at Siemens‘s cost, and the manufacturer will have a continuous stream of Mireo Smarts in production in the future to have trains "in stock" for quick delivery.

Siemens Mobility also announced it is expanding its options for alternative drives - the two-car Mireo Smart HEMU and BEMU.


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