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First NIM Express Carriages Emerge From Škoda Vagonka Works

posted on 15th Sep 2016 20:17

On 12 September 2016 the first carriages, one inner end car and one intermediate car, for DB Regio’s NIM Express push-pull rakes left Škoda Vagonka’s Ostrava works bound for the manufacturer’s Plzeň works. This photo of the two carriages was taken en route the following day, in Beroun, southwest of Praha. Haulage was provided by VÍTKOVICE Doprava, using its diesel, 740.631. On 14 September Škoda dispatched 102 003 locomotive from Plzeň to Berlin for exhibition at InnoTrans. The second photo shows it being hauled by ČD Cargo’s 363.014, crossing the bridge over the Úslava on the outskirts of Plzeň. It was originally planned to exhibit also an intermediate car, an end car and a driving trailer at InnoTrans, but in the end this was not possible "on account of assembly and the test schedule", as Škoda explained. On 15 September a second inner end car left Ostrava works bound for the RTA Rail Tec Arsenal climatic testing chambers in Wien.
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