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First TANGO Lajkonik Trams In Passenger Service

posted on 19th Jun 2020 08:32

This year, for the first time in 73 years, the inhabitants of Kraków did not see the procession of Lajkonik, one of the oldest traditions with a 200-year history. However, the lack of this event was partially replaced by the new TANGO Lajkonik trams, which entered passenger service on 18 June, on the day of the planned traditional Lajkonik march.

The first tram, RY825, is operating on Line 52 Osiedle Piastów (in the northeast) - Czerwone Maki P + R (in the southwest). On this line, TANGO Lajkonik replaced the old high-floor Type E1 and C3 trams. RY825 is equipped with a system that allows running it with the pantograph lowered, using the on-board batteries.

The second TANGO Lajkonik, RY826, is operating on Line 3 Nowy Bieżanów P + R (in the southeast) - Krowodrza Górka (in the north of Kraków). Here it replaced the NGT6 tram with less passenger capacity, this being a response to the appeals of the inhabitants of Nowy Bieżanów who asked for more spacious vehicles on this line.

The third TANGO Lajkonik from a recent batch of 50 is already in Kraków and is undergoing the acceptance by MPK Kraków technicians. The fourth tram is already being prepared for transport from Stadler Siedlce.

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