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First ZSSK Class Ampz Carriage In Regular Service

posted on 18th Jun 2020 19:26

Tomorrow, for the first time, ZSSK will put into regular operation a new Class Ampz carriage from the current batch which is being built by ŽOS Vrútky. On 19 June 2020, this car will be incorporated in the RR 701 „Vápeč“ (Bratislava 05.13  - Žilina 07.40) service and subsequently in the return RR 708 „Vápeč“ (Žilina 08.20 - Bratislava 10.47) service.

The operator bought seven of these newest 160 km/h Ampz cars, worth of 13,895,000 EUR excluding VAT (= 1,985,000 EUR for one car excluding VAT). This investment was financed from ZSSK’s own resources. Delivery of all Ampz cars is scheduled to finish by March 2021.

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