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GATX Rail Europe Receives New Cereal Hoppers

posted on 30th Jan 2023 18:19

From January 2023, GATX Rail Europe receives new cereal hoppers. In total, over 350 wagons with a volume of 95 m³ and 103 m³ are to be delivered this year. Part of the batch is to be hired to Rail Cargo Group, and the latter took over the first of the 95 m³ wagons in mid January. Most of the Class Tagnpps 95 m³ wagons are built by Greenbrier Europe, in its Caracal plant. These are 14,800 mm long over buffers, the loading opening is 12,800 mm long, the length between the bogies’ pivots is 9,760 mm. Tare weight is around 20.0 t, resulting in a payload of 70.0 t. Top speed is 100/120 km/h when loaded/empty.

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