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Helrom launches its second line

posted on 24th Apr 2024 12:15

On 4 April 2024, Helrom launched its second line, connecting Regensburg and Lébény. After a planning and implementation phase lasting less than 12 months, Helrom's first exclusive block train has started operations. Its customer is Duvenbeck, the end user is Audi, which operates its factories in Ingolstadt and Györ, which are adjacent to the train's destination stations.

Another partner involved is bayernhafen, whose terminal in Regensburg is used by the service. In order to facilitate this activity, bayernhafen has invested in adapting its trailer dock in Regensburg, where its own terminal is specially dedicated to the transhipment of swap bodies and trailers. The premises and entrance gate have been modified and infrastructure for charging the terminal's electrically powered tractor units has been installed.

The train travels 1,000 km round trip (Regensburg - Lébény - Regensburg) in just 24 hours, with a frequency of five pairs per week, consisting of 18 wagons that can carry 36 trailers. This means that every day from Monday to Friday, 72 trucks are moved from road to rail, resulting in a reduction in weekly truck transport performance of approximately 185,000 km. Combined with Duvenbeck's sustainable truck drive concepts for before and during transport, the new connection between Regensburg and Lébény saves up to 11,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

Helrom operates a specific system that enables the transport of standard semi-trailers by horizontal tilting the loading area of the wagons to the side using a hydraulically operated electrically driven mechanism. In fact, it is a revival of the once developed Megaswing system, which was developed by the Swedish company Kockums Industrier (subsequently K Industrier), but has not reached the stage of serial implementation and normal operation. Helrom launched the first line using it in the summer of 2020 on the Düsseldorf - Wien route, operating at a frequency of three pairs per week, using 18 wagons supplied by the Turkish company Gök Yapı San.

For the current expansion of operations, 62 wagons have been ordered from Wagony Świdnica (part of the Greenbrier Europe group) and a further 40 from the Austrian engineering company Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei (MFL). For the latter, this order is the largest ever in its history, which may take on even greater proportions as the cooperation with Helrom is agreed to continue until 2033. Already for the initial phase of production for Helrom, MFL has invested in new production technology and hired new employees.

The first of the wagons ordered from Wagony Świdnica was delivered before Christmas 2023, and the first wagon from MFL followed in the second half of January 2024. The fleet expansion is also to be used to extend the trains on the existing Düsseldorf - Wien line from 18 to 20 wagons (i.e. with a capacity of 40 trailers).

Dieter Braun, Head of Supply Chain AUDI AG: “Consistent decarbonization is one of our central challenges in the supply chain. At Audi, we are pursuing a holistic approach to optimizing the logistics processes between our suppliers and our plants. This project shows that we are also integrating innovative and climate-friendly solutions from partners in our supply chain.

Norbert Joichl, COO South/East Duvenbeck: “Intermodal block train concepts are an important part of our strategy to reduce CO2 emissions. We are delighted to be implementing this project with innovative partners such as Audi and Helrom. In addition to the train handling by Helrom, we will use alternative technologies in the pre- and onward carriage.

Joachim Zimmermann, bayernhafen Managing Director: “In combined transport today, we mainly see containers. Now we are looking at solutions for the large trailer volumes on continental routes. We are open to all proposed solutions here. With the trailer port, we have set the course for this segment in particular at an early stage.

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