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InnoTrans 2022 (19)

posted on 29th Oct 2022 09:26

At the stand of Vossloh Rolling Stock also its subsidiary Locomotion Service was presented, which is based in Kiel and has been maintaining and servicing Vossloh locomotives since 2001. Since this year, however, it has expanded its portfolio to include a wagon rental offer, including full service and ECM. The company focuses exclusively on intermodal and combined transport, i. e.  container wagons. 

These are produced by CRRC Shandong, namely 90' six-axle articulated Class Sggmrss wagons (length over buffers 29,590 mm, maximum width 3,010 mm, tare weight 27.5 t) and 80' four-axle Class Sggnss wagons (length over buffers 25,940 mm, maximum width 3,114 mm, tare weight 21.5 t). Both of these classes are fitted with Y25 Lss1-K bogies, allowing a maximum axle-load of 22.5 t and a top speed of 120 km/h.

Locomotion Service has already completed its first contract with them, supplying a total of 150 wagons to Hupac. Further orders will depend on the concrete circumstances: although the wagons are available for delivery within 12 months of ordering and their production cost is lower than that of their European counterparts, they are instead incurring high costs due to the long transport distance from China, which is now also linked to the uncertainty of global transport chains.    

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