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Keolis To Continue As Operator Of The Tours Metropole And Orléans Public Transport Networks

posted on 21st Nov 2018 12:18

Keolis has been awarded a contract by Tours Métropole Val de Loire for the operations and maintenance of its public transport network. The new public service delegation contract is awarded for seven years starting on 1 January 2019 and will generate a cumulative revenue of 427 million EUR. Keolis will support Tours Métropole Val de Loire in the preparation and launch of the network’s second tram line due in 2025. Keolis has committed to increase the number of passenger journeys by 26 % across the entire network by 2025.

Keolis has also been awarded a contract by Orléans Metropole to operate and maintain the first 100 % electric public transport network in France. The new contract will start on 1 January 2019 for a six-year period and is expected to generate a cumulative revenue of 395 million EUR. In order to deliver a 100 % electric transport network, Keolis will provide support to Orléans Métropole to achieve its ambitious objectives, this includes the renewal of the entire bus fleet with electric vehicles by 2024. Orléans network will then become the French transport network with the lowest level of carbon emissions. A range of innovative mobility services will also be introduced, including contactless payment on-board buses and trams, which will enhance the passenger experience.

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