Metrans Container Wagons Fitted With Silent Brakes

posted on 28th Jan 2021 13:50

Metrans has fitted its entire 3,000 container wagon fleet with what are known as „whispering“ (composite) brakes. This means that Metrans has already implemented the ban on noisy freight trains in Germany, which was passed by the German Federal Parliament, on the entire European rail network.

Driving and braking noise created by the wagons will be cut in half, because the composite material of the brake pads is harder than the actual wheel. The braking process is not the only part that will be quieter - the wheels will also be smoothed down by the pads, which will lead to less friction and therefore less noise.

Metrans wagons are mostly lightweight flat wagons and especially energy efficient as a result, because they are around 4,000 kg lighter than conventional container wagons. Additionally, their special construction allows containers to be placed closer together on the 700 m-long block trains, meaning more containers can be transported on the same train length. These wagons were developed by Metrans and the Slovakian manufacturer Tatravagonka.

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