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METRANS under its own licence in Slovenia

posted on 13th Dec 2023 20:20

METRANS started to use its own railway undertaking METRANS ADRIA in Slovenia. METRANS already uses its own carriers from the group in a number of countries, but in Slovenia it has so far contracted the haulage of its trains to SŽ - Tovorni promet.

Starting with the train dispatched from Dunajská Streda on 10 December 2023, which arrived in Koper the following day, some trains are operated in this country by METRANS ADRIA. The premiere train was led by locomotives 383.413 and 433, the latter being one of the newest in the fleet, as deliveries of another batch of ten Vectrons for METRANS, 383.431 - 440, are underway since autumn, of which the first four have been put into service so far.

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