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Mireo EMUs For Agilis

posted on 29th Sep 2021 10:19

On 29 September 2021, Siemens Mobility announced that it has received an order to build 23 four-car Mireo EMUs for agilis Eisenbahngesellschaft, a BeNEX subsidiary. The trains will be delivered for the Netz Regensburg/Donautal (Regensburg/Danube Valley network) in 2024 and are scheduled to enter passenger service in December that year.

The BEG (Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft), which plans, finances and controls regional and commuter rail operations on behalf of the state of Bayern, had called for bids for new trains for parts of its network. The Mireos will serve the new RE 50 Nürnberg - Regensburg - Plattling and RB 51 Neumarkt - Regensburg - Plattling lines.

The new 160 km/h Mireo EMUs will have a Bo’ 2’ 2’ Bo’ Bo’ axle arrangement, a 3,900 kW power and a length of around 90 m. They will have 216 seats and provide improved passenger comfort thanks to their spacious design. Each entrance has a multipurpose area that is not restricted by folding seats, which increases passenger convenience. By way of comparison, the three-car Mireo EMUs have a Bo’ 2’ 2’ Bo’ axle arrangement, a power of 2,600 kW and a length of 69,860 mm, offering 220 seats.

As usual, the new Mireos will be built at the Krefeld works. So far, Siemens already sold over 240 Mireo trains, the most recent contract representing only the second one for the four-car units following that for BEG’s Netz Donau-Isar network (München - Landshut - Regensburg/Passau), for which DB Regio ordered six Mireo EMUs with 264 seats, to be in service from 2024.

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