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Modernisation of Göteborg's M31 trams

posted on 13th Jun 2024 15:49

On 13 June 2024 Škoda Group presented modernisation work on Göteborg's M31 trams. The aim of the project for Västtrafik is to ensure reliable and safe operation of the trams and to improve the comfort of drivers and passengers. The modernisation will take place at the Škoda Group's site in Ostrava until 2028. At the same time as the work began, the group presented the visualisation of the final design, which will allow the trams to be upgraded while retaining their original look. The new painting will bring them closer to the look of the transport company's current fleet.

Västtrafik currently operates a fleet of 79 TypeM31 trams. The project involves the modernisation of all the trams built between 1984 and 1986. These trams have undergone several upgrades in the past, including major repairs in Ostrava between 2011 and 2017. “The trams will undergo a comprehensive modernisation, which includes new door systems, a modern electro-hydraulic braking system, improved heating for passengers and air conditioning for drivers while technical solutions were designed to withstand Göteborg's tough climate. We currently have a total of four trams in our production while the first ones are already undergoing initial modernisation work. The first prototype is in the painting stage, and we are preparing for assembly work, while the other vehicles are undergoing bodyshell modification and repairs,” said Jan Gutovský, Head of Project Management at Škoda Group.

One of the upcoming changes is the installation of a new modern electric door system to replace the old pneumatic system. This includes, among other things, new footsteps, and LED warning lights to improve safety. The mechanical braking system will be replaced by a modern electro-hydraulic system, which will also lead to increased safety. The new boarding ramp for people with reduced mobility is designed to withstand Nordic conditions and ensure reliability even in adverse weather conditions.

The driver's cab will also be refurbished with LED controls that are easily visible even in sunlight, improving the overall environment for the vehicle operator. At the same time, the original ergonomics and accessibility of all controls will be maintained. Drivers will also benefit from a new and more efficient cooling and heating system directly inside the cab. And the passenger compartment is also being overhauled. These include new seat covers and the installation of LED lighting. There will also be changes to the seating layout and improvements to the vehicle's heating system.

The first trams will be handed over to the client by the end of this year. The work carried out as part of the modernisation will ensure that the trams remain operational for at least another 15 years with a spare parts guarantee.

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