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posted on 14th Aug 2020 14:38

At the end of July 2020 DMZ (Demikhovsky mashonostroitelny zavod, Demikhovsky machine-building plant) signed a contract for seven 3 kV DC Class EP2D EMUs for the TsPPK’s REKS (Regionalny ekspress) project. The comfortable 11-car commuter trains will be delivered between July and September 2020 and will be used on the Savyolovsky direction, i.e. from Moskva Savyolovsky vokzal to Savyolovo, north of the capital (around 130 km).

The EMUs are painted in the REKS corporate colours in blue with a printed character, the brand symbol - a dog named Reks. The air-conditioned trains are adapted for boarding of passengers on high platforms and feature ergonomic seats made of wear-resistant materials, USB sockets, bicycle racks in the end cars, equipment for wheelchair passengers, and suchlike.

The delivery of the first four EMUs under the new contract, EP2D-0101, 0103, 0104 and 0105, took place in late July and early August. Then will follow EP2D-0108, 0109 and 112. DMZ has earlier built eight Class EP2D REKS EMUs for TsPPK: EP2D-0033 and 0034 in 2017 together with EP2D-0082 to 0087 in 2019.

Moreover, DMZ delivered 19 Class ED4M EMUs with an enhanced interior for TsPPK.

This year DMZ has also manufactured 10 standard Class EP2D eleven-car units for the Moskva-based TsPPK (Tsentralnaya prigorodnaya passazhirskaya kompania, Central suburban passenger company).

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