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More Stadler-built locomotives for KiwiRail

posted on 28th Feb 2024 11:43

On 27 February 2024, Stadler and KiwiRail, the national railway operator of New Zealand, signed two additional locomotive contracts. The first one involves the delivery of nine SALi mainline locomotives equipped with ETCS for operation on the North Island. The second agreement includes the supply of 24 hybrid battery-diesel shunters, along with spare parts, specialized tools, and technical support services. 

Stadler is currently manufacturing the 57 Class DM SALi locomotives of a 1,067 mm-gauge, ordered by KiwiRail in October 2021, to be used primarily for mainline services on the South Island network. A low-emission diesel engine powers them, compliant with the latest European emission standard Stage V. They are designed for the use with HVO bio-fuels.

Under the new agreement,  nine more 3,000 kW Co‘Co‘ locomotives will be supplied, which will be equipped with ETCS OBU for deployment on the North Island network. Additionally, the last ten Class DM locomotives from the first order in 2021, will also be fitted with ETCS bringing the total number of ETCS-fitted SALi locomotives in the North Island to 19. On-board ETCS will enable these locomotive to seamlessly operate in the Auckland Metro area that is fitted with the trackside ETCS Level 1. This initiative also future proofs the Class DMs to safely operate in the Wellington Metro area when that ATP has been upgraded to ETCS. 

As part of the second agreement, Stadler will supply 24 Bo‘Bo‘ hybrid battery-diesel narrow-gauge shunters featuring a central cab and a maximum axle load of 16 tonnes, designed to operate within all shunting areas belonging to KiwiRail. The comprehensive contract also includes spare parts, special tools and technical services. The locomotives will also be fitted with the remote control. Like the SALi machines, the new shunters will be equipped with an Automatic Engine Start-Stop System (AESS) to minimize fuel consumption, noise, and emissions.

KiwiRail Chief Customer and Growth Officer Adele Wilson said: „The new locomotives were part of a 1.7 billion USD investment in rolling stock that would enable KiwiRail to deliver better service to its customers and further enhance the New Zealand freight market’s access to low carbon emission transport. The locomotives will also be deployed on the tourism routes where travellers demand low carbon options.“


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