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More Type DE18 Locomotives For Nexrail

posted on 8th Feb 2023 14:23

On 5 December 2022, Nexrail and Vossloh Rolling Stock signed a sale-and-purchase agreement for a further 50 Type DE 18 locomotives. This batch consists of 40 Type DE18 Stage V locomotives with German homologation, to be delivered in the fourth quarter of 2023, and 10 Type DE 18 Stage V SmartHybrid locomotives, homologated for France, Belgium and Luxembourg and scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2024. 

The latter locomotives are option from the first, September 2021 contract and will be fitted with ETCS OBUs of the Alstom origin, namely Atlas Tri-Standard (TriStd) solution, which is adaptable for both ETCS Level 1 and 2. The 40 Type DE18 Stage V locomotives for Germany will be fitted with the PZB ATP only.

The framework agreement signed in 2021 was for up to 50 Type DE 18 Stage V SmartHybrid locomotives for the Benelux market and France. Of them 20 have been confirmed in September that year and 10 were ordered in December 2022. All these 30 machines equipped with on-board ETCS Level 1 will be delivered to clients until March 2024. The  Vossloh Rolling Stock’s  IMATEQ service team will upgrade them to ETCS Level 2 in 2025. Thus in total, Nexrail has 70 Type DE18s firmly on order at present. 

Luuk von Meijenfeldt, Nexrail CEO, stated: “The market demand for hybrid locomotives that are ETCS Level 2 prepared is developing quickly. The proven technology of the DE 18 Stage V SmartHybrid is a logical solution for most clients with traction needs on non-electrified lines. Following our joint traction tests in the Ardennes last year, most customers are now convinced that the DE 18 can replace established market practices, such as the use of double traction HLD77 and Class 66. Needless to say, the potential for fuel and emissions savings is very high.”

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