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More Vectrons For MRCE

posted on 19th Aug 2022 18:06

On 19 August 2022, Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE) has ordered 14 Vectron MS locomotives from Siemens Mobility on the basis of an existing contract. MRCE plans to use them in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and the Netherlands. 

The new locomotives will have a maximum power of 6,400 kW and a top speed of 160 km/h, and will be equipped with on-board  ETCS as well as the required national ATPs. With this order, MRCE will have a fleet of 147 Vectrons.

We asked both Siemens and MRCE, when the new locomotives will be delivered. Siemens answered us: "We do not communicate the delivery date."

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