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New Restaurant Cars For Yakutia

posted on 12th Jan 2022 19:50

On January 11, 2022, Transmashholding delivered to Zheleznye dorogi Yakutii (ZhDYa, Yakutian railways) three more Model 61-4460.01restaurant cars, built at TVZ. They were purchased as part of the passenger car fleet renewal programme and are destined for long-distance trains, being  designed for operation at the temperature of -45 oC. 

In addition to the dining area with 32 seats, the new cars have a bar that can be used by three passengers. The kitchen is  equipped with refrigerators, steamers and a microwave oven. The cars are painted in the colours of the flag of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) - blue, white, red and green. They are expected to be used on routes linking Yakutia with the Amur Region.  

As of 2018, ZhDYa has received seven cars (three Model 61-4447 open space passenger cars, one Model 61-4440 compartment car and three Model 61-4460 restaurant cars). 

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