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New RhB Shunters

posted on 4th Aug 2020 09:38

On 3 August 2020 the first electro-battery locomotive, 20601, was handed over to Rhätische Bahn in Chur. With the new fleet ordered in September 2018, noise emissions are significantly reduced and exhaust emissions are completely eliminated. RhB procures seven new Class Geaf 2/2 shunters (20601 - 20607) from Stadler worth 21.5 million CHF. They form important pillars of RhB's Strategy 2030 which focuses on the modernisation of rolling stock and the sustainability.

They will primarily run under the catenary. They also have a traction battery with which the locomotives can also be operated on non-electrified lines. Lithium-ion batteries have now been developed to such an extent that they also represent an appropriate alternative to the previous diesel shunters. The locomotives, which are fitted with remote control, will be put to service at Landquart, Untervaz-Trimmis, Chur, Ilanz, Thusis, Davos Platz and Zernez during the course of this year. In return, 11 old shunters that are increasingly susceptible to failure and maintenance can be withdrawn.

The procurement takes place in cooperation with the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGBahn), which ordered two Geaf 2/2 locomotives. Technical data of the new shunters are as follows:

- track gauge 1, 000 mm, voltage 11 kV AC, maximum speed in electric mode 80 km/h and in battery mode 40 km/h, power at wheel in electric mode 700 kW and in battery mode 200 kW, max. traction force both in electric and battery mode 75 kN, brake power under catenary (recuperation) 800 kW and in battery mode 200 kW, usable battery energy 93 kWh.

- length over central couplings 8,412 mm and over Schwab automatic shunting couplings 9,610 mm, width 2,650 mm, height 3,770 mm above rail top, wheelbase 4,050 mm, wheel diameter new 810 mm (worn 740 mm), weight 30 t.

- max. trailing load at 0 to 2 ‰ gradient 500 t, max. trailing load at 35 ‰ gradient (Albula) 150 t, max. trailing load at 45 ‰ gradient (Prättigau) 100 t, max. trailing load at 60 ‰ gradient (Chur - Arosa) 70 t.

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