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New Testing Hall At Stadler Siedlce Works

posted on 4th Jun 2021 11:03

In 2020, Stadler Siedlce expanded significantly its capacity and inaugurated a new hall for the commissioning and testing of new vehicles. Its construction began in December 2019 and the hall was completed in November 2020. The hall is located behind the original production hall (grey building on the right), measures 165.5 x 45 m and consists of a vehicle commissioning hall, a small assembly workshop and office space. In the first photo one of the last WINKs is shown there on 21 November 2020, together with FLIRT EMUs for Koleje Mazowieckie and for Slovenske železnice.

In total, this investment amounted to 44 million PLN (around 10 million EUR), of which approx. 5 million PLN represents the cost of the reconstruction of the siding, which included the construction of two more tracks - one located to the right of the KM FLIRT, the other one is where the FLIRT for SŽ is standing. The track in the foreground belongs to the Siedlce - Czeremcha (near the Polish-Belarusian border) single-track line. In the background on the left behind the hall is the Siedlce - Łuków double-track line, which is used by Stadler for tests runs of new trains and which continues towards Terespol and Brest. The second photo shows the hall where the Class 777 EMUs for Merseyrail are currently being tested, with 777 013 on the far right.

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