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PKP CARGO Vectrons Complete

posted on 9th May 2023 13:42

At the beginning of May, Siemens Mobility announced that PKP CARGO had handed over all five Vectrons from the last order placed so far. In total, this operator has purchased 25 of them (EU46-501 - 525, respectively 5 370 013 - 027, 029 - 033, 056 - 060), all equipped for operation in Poland, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary (version A01). The five now delivered locomotives were ordered in February 2022, and the contract includes full maintenance up to the first P4 stage periodic inspection after eight years; this inspection itself is then only an option.

For these last five Vectrons, PKP CARGO has been approved for support from the Polish intermodal transport support programme announced under POIiŚ 2014 - 2020 (Program Operacyjny Infrastruktura i Środowisko - Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment), which enables 50 % of the eligible costs to be covered by the EU Cohesion Fund. Locomotives acquired with this support can therefore only be operated with intermodal trains for the time of the project's durability which is five years.

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