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Progress In The CZ LOKO's Order For Trainpoint Norway

posted on 14th Mar 2023 16:57

CZ LOKO is now also working on the order for five EffiShunter 1000s for Trainpoint Norway. The first locomotive, 744.144, which arrived in Sweden in September 2022, was first stored in Göteborg, where its temporary home became the depot of Nordisk TogTeknikk, which provides vehicle maintenance for parent Trainpoint Norway. Here, the final wiring and commissioning of the ATPs (ATC-2  and ETCS) took place, along with the final modification of the control system. As part of the final validation, the first test runs were then carried out in the depot under the supervision of both ATPs, with the stationary part of the system simulated by portable balises.

On 12 January 2023, 744.144 was shipped approximately 800 km north to Långsele, where the workshop facilities of Railcare, which will operate the newly delivered EffiShunters, are located. A total of 14 covered work places are available in the former depot and the equipment allows for all stages of periodic repairs as well as partial upgrades, often involving the replacement of the original diesel engine with a Caterpillar one. 

Before the EffiShunter 1000 locomotives are put into test operation, it is planned to train the local workshop staff on this class as well. For the time being, however, at least three driver instructors have been trained to assist during subsequent test runs. These took place on several dates until 19 January 2023 on the line to the nearby Forsmo, with the aim of verifying compatibility between the stationary and on-board parts of the ATC-2 national ATP (of a Type EBI Cab 700 on locomotive).

Once these tests were completed, 744.144 was sent another 600 km north. Its destination this time was the town of Boden in the Lapland part of Sweden, where the final compatibility tests between the stationary and on-board ETCS (Type EBI Cab 2000 on locomotive) were carried out. For this purpose, the 165 km long Haparandabanan to Haparanda route was used, where the destination station is also the only rail crossing to neighbouring Finland, using a 1,435 and 1,524 mm gauge track.The test runs were carried out at night to the exclusion of normal traffic.

In parallel with the train protection tests, tests were also carried out for operation in winter mode, which is defined by the TSI LOC & PAS standards as temperature zone T2. In the latter, adverse climatic conditions with increased snow and ice are expected. The maximum temperature range considers values of -40˚C to +35˚C. These tests must be carried out under predetermined climatic conditions including snow cover and an external temperature range of -5˚C to -15˚C. 

Prior to the actual start of the tests, 744.144 was redesignated to S-TRVF 92 74 0 744 144-7. All the documents are currently being processed so that the first locomotive can be put into test operation during March this year. At the same time, 744.157, 158 and 159 are being worked on in Jihlava works of CZ LOKO. These, together with the fifth locomotive for Trainpoint Norway, 744.160, should be ready in the first half of this year.

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