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Renfe's Spanish shuffle

posted on 29th Apr 2024 07:39

On 11 April 2024 it was announced that Renfe had received the first ten Class 106 AVRIL high speed trains. The putting into service of the Class 106 fleet will mean the displacement of a number of Class 130/730 Alvia EMU/EDMUs, Class 112 Avlo EMUs and Clas 120 EMUs - in all, 15 trains. This will enable Renfe Viajeros to cascade them onto other routes, and increase service frequencies:

- Between Madrid and Cádiz, the three train pairs daily will be increased to four.
- Between Madrid and Huelva, the existing one Class 121 train pair will be increased to two, daily.
- Between Madrid and Salamanca, the three Class 121 train pairs daily will be increased to four.
- The two train pairs daily between Madrid and Badajoz will be increased to three - here class 730s are required.
- A new train pair will be introduced between Madrid, Córdoba, Granada and Almería. This will require the use of a Class 730 (Granada to Almería is not electrified).
- Similarly, using a Class 730, there will be a new train pair between Madrid, Zaragoza and Teruel. 
- Four Class 112 Avlos are to be reallocated to existing Madrid to Sevilla and Madrid to Málaga Avlo services, to double capacity when required.
- The 'Torre del Oro', from Barcelona to Sevilla and Cádiz, currently operated using a Class 120 EMU, will in future be run using a Class 130.
- A new service, using a Class 120.5 EMU, will link Madrid with Burgos, Miranda del Ebro and Logroño (one train pair daily).

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