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„Schlafmodus Plus“ For ÖBB Desiro ML EMUs

updated on 7th Nov 2022 12:24 posted on 26th Oct 2022 10:53

Cityjet Desiro ML EMUs parked at night since September 2022 will consume significantly less energy and be virtually silent than at present. This is possible because ÖBB is equipping these units with new software with immediate effect. With the „Schlafmodus Plus“ (Sleep Mode Plus), energy costs are minimised and noise pollution is reduced to zero, states ÖBB.

The Class 4744s and 4746s are parked for an average of eight hours a day, when they still need energy to remain at operating level. The new sleeping mode makes these storage phases significantly more efficient. With a total of 200 Desiro ML trains, the savings add up to 21,000 kW per day. In a year, that is 7,600,000 kWh less consumed. This means that the „Schlafmodus Plus“ saves about as much energy as 1,900 households need per year.

Noise emissions at night, which occur during the so-called „Zwischenaufwecken“ (Intermediate wake-up) of the train with compressors in use, is reduced to zero with the new software. In future, this will practically no longer be necessary between 20.00 h and 08.00 h - a great relief for residents, who will experience virtually no noise pollution during the night hours. Only when the interior temperature drops below +5 °C will the trains have to be activated regularly for technical reasons in order to avoid freezing. By mid-2023, the entire ÖBB’s Desiro ML fleet will be equipped with Sleep Mode Plus.

We asked ÖBB and Siemens:
- Who created the new sleep mode? ÖBB or Siemens?
- What software modifications were made that suddenly made it possible to reduce energy consumption so significantly in the new sleep mode? 
- How was the compressor operation replaced at night? How will pressurized air be provided for the train in „Schlafmodus Plus“?
- How will the air conditioning of the train in a new sleep mode in summer and the operation of other switched off equipment be newly ensured? 
- How much does the modification of each train cost?
- Where are the modififactions carried out?
- Will this new Sleep Mode Plus also be fitted to Class 4748 Desiros already from production?

We are waiting for an answer.

Now ÖBB answered us as follows: "Thank you for your inquiry. We are sorry, we usually do not communicate such details." 

There is only one thing we can say about this: it is interesting when someone issues a sensational press release with information that at some points seems almost unbelievable, and then is unwilling or unable to clarify these claims...

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