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Siemens Mobility and Tyczka Hydrogen cooperate in the hydrogen railway sector

posted on 26th Jun 2024 08:57

In April 2024 Siemens Mobility and Tyczka Hydrogen have signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) establishing a cooperation in order to accelerate the transformation towards hydrogen powered railway mobility. Both companies have agreed to work together towards solutions across the full supply chain including hydrogen production, storage, distribution and refueling as well as delivery and maintenance of fuel cell trains. Additionally, Smart Train Lease, a subsidiary of Siemens Mobility, offers hydrogen trains for rent.

Thomas Zorn, Managing Director, Tyczka Hydrogen: ”Green hydrogen fuel is a great solution to decarbonize heavy-duty transport operations. Based on fast refuelling times and long driving ranges, multiple-unit trains can run environmentally friendly without excessive electrification investments and equal route flexibility as with diesel. Through close collaboration and a holistic approach by Tyczka Hydrogen, Simens Mobility and Smart Train Lease, the implementation of fossil-free railway mobility becomes simpler for train operators.” 

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