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Siemens Mobility Awarded Service Contract For ICE 4 Trains

posted on 19th Jan 2021 11:03

On 19 January 2021, Deutsche Bahn has awarded Siemens Mobility a contract for the Type IS 600 revision of 40 Class 412 EMUs. This is the largest service order ever awarded to Siemens Mobility by DB. The contract also includes an option for the revision of 50 additional Class 412 trains. The work will be carried out at PCW test centre, starting in mid-2021.

Type IS 600 revisions are required for new high-speed trains operated by DB when they have reached a mileage of 1.65 million km. As part of the IS 600 revision, Siemens will inspect the central systems and components of the ICE 4s and carry out maintenance activities as planned.

The work will cover, among other things, the entrance doors, windscreen washer systems, couplings, powered and non-powered bogies, as well as pantographs, train control systems, and brakes. In addition, the wheelsets will be exchanged on all trains. Maintenance work in the interior will include fire alarm systems, passenger information systems, bistro equipment, and the sanitary facilities. 

DB has ordered a total of 137 ICE 4s since May 2011. The first ones have been in passenger service since 2016. By December 2020, Siemens Mobility had delivered 65 ICE 4 units. 

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