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Tatra-Yug Trams In Kiev

posted on 27th Mar 2023 11:54

In March 2023 eight Type K1T trams built by the Odessa-based company Tatra-Yug have started running in Kiev. The steel for them was purchased from Mariupol iron and steel works before the Russian invasion of Ukraine: at that time 17 tons of cold-rolled steel and 98 tons of hot-rolled steel were produced in Azovstal. At the request of the people of Kiev, this batch of low-floor trams with a top speed of 75 km/h were made from Mariupol metal and run on line 33, which connects Troyeshchina and Darnytsia. The journey time is 15 minutes.

Tatra-Yug has been a major Ukrainian manufacturer of LRVs, trams and equipment since 1993. The company's portfolio includes six models of trams as well as tram equipment, including traction converters, pantographs and traction motors.

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