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Three-section car-carrier from Tatravagónka

posted on 9th Nov 2023 09:26

VÚKV is currently carrying out approval tests of an untypical Tatravagónka-built car-carrier. Basically, it is a wagon of the usual low-deck concept  for transporting larger road vehicles, but these are normally only two-section wagons, while this Class Laados designated type, is a three-section one.

It is the result of a collaboration between Tatravagónka and the Hödlmayr Group, an established company in the field of rail car logistics. With a maximum payload of 60.4 t at a capacity of six tractors (corresponding to an axle load of 16 t), it is designed to transport tractors with electric (battery) drive, which are heavier than conventional tractors with only a diesel engine. The prototype was completed shortly before the Transport Logistic 2023 trade fair.

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