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TMH-Built 3rd Class Air-Conditioned Coaches For Egypt

posted on 15th Sep 2021 16:06

On 15 September 2021, the first 3rd class air-conditioned coaches supplied by TMH to ENR were officially inaugurated by President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi during an inspection in the port of Alexandria in presence of members of the Egyptian government and TMH CEO, Kirill Lipa. The first 14 cars of this type have already been delivered to Egypt. This marks the start of the second phase of contract, covering for 800 air-conditioned coaches: 500 third-class, 180 second-class and 90 first-class cars to be manufactured at Dunakezsi, and 30 restaurant cars built in Tver.

The first phase of the contract which included 500 third-class coaches with dynamic ventilation is now completed. The last batch left TVZ and is currently under shipment to Alexandria. In parallel, the DJJ has started the deliveries of 3rd class air-conditioned cars to Egypt. In total, 496 coaches have now been delivered, which represents 38 % of the 1,300 strong order.

For the first time in Egypt, the third-class stock is equipped with air-con. The interior of the new coaches has been redesigned in blue and orange tones, with curtains and window blinds integrated in-between the double glazing and easily activated from the interior of the car to avoid direct sunlight and ensure a pleasant journey to all passengers. Each car is fitted with information screens featuring the date, time, exterior and interior temperature, as well as humidity level in both Arabic and English. The exterior livery has also been revised to pay tribute to the cultural heritage of the Egyptian pyramids.

Kirill Lipa, TMH CEO, said: „Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continuously shipped 35 coaches per month with a stable availability rate at 97 % and will continue to do so. By replacing over a third of ENR passenger fleet, TMH is contributing to a safer and more comfortable rail experience in the country. We are engaged in a trustful dialogue with the country’s transport authorities and look forward to enlarging this cooperation.“

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