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TSB Vehicles Sent To China

posted on 11th Jun 2020 07:24

On 3 June 2020 the Max Bögl group sent a two-section maglev unit of the Transport System Bögl (TSB) with one of the world's largest transport aircraft, Antonov 124-100, to Chengdu. This is the next milestone for the finalisation of the 3.5 km demonstration track for the new type of local passenger transport system which will start operation in the summer.

After the prototype vehicles which have been tested in Sengenthal (one two-section unit) in the past few months and in China (a second two-section prototype), the first batch-built unit made its way to China in early June. On the way to its destination, the vehicles were first loaded onto trucks at the Max Bögl group's headquarters in Sengenthal (southeast of Nürnberg) and transported to München airport. From there, they were transported over 7,500 km to Chengdu. The TSB team together with the Chinese partner company Xinzhu will commission the vehicle which will be running in test passenger service.

With the Transport System Bögl, Max Bögl has developed a local transport system based on magnetic levitation or technology. It works with a linear drive, and thanks to flexible routing, can be integrated into existing transport infrastructure. The TSB track is very low and light with a girder of 1.2 m in height and 23.5 m in length. As a turnkey supplier, Max Bögl is responsible for planning, industrial manufacturing of the track and vehicle, and construction measures.

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