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UNIPETROL DOPRAVA Orders More Vectrons

posted on 24th Aug 2020 12:35

On 24 August 2020, UNIPETROL DOPRAVA announced order of four Vectron MS locomotives. They will be numbered 383.056 to 059 and the first of these will be handed over by Siemens by the end of 2020, the remaining three will follow later.

The operator already owns three machines of this type, 383.050 - 052, the first of which was included in its fleet in October 2017, the remaining two in the spring of 2018. They are fitted for operation not only in the Czech Republic, but also in the neighbouring countries - Poland, Slovakia, Germany, and Austria. 

"They have run more than 1,020,000 km since then, transporting 2,133,000 tonnes of freight. They helped us increase the volume of transported products and optimise the total costs of fleet maintenance. As this locomotive type has proved useful in our fleet, we have decided to invest in four more,” says Jaroslav Dvořák, Executive Director of Unipetrol Doprava. The 6,400 kW 160 km/h Vectrons will primarily haul trains with the Unipetrol chemical products.

UNIPETROL DOPRAVA is part of the UNIPETROL group, which belongs entirely to the Polish petrochemical group PKN ORLEN. The recent purchase is part of the strategic investment development in which UNIDO has invested hundreds of millions of CZK since 2017.

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