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Viaggio Comfort Stock For ČD Takes Shape

posted on 13th Sep 2013 10:37

Assembly of the carriages to be formed into ČD's Viaggio Comfort trainsets is now taking place at full swing in Siemens’s Wien works. These photos were taken on 14 August 2014, and show some of the bodyshells at various stages of assembly. On 18 September, the first of the ÖBB Class 1216 Tauruses, which will be used for haulage of these rakes of stock, is to be presented in Brno in ČD livery for the first time. Although wearing the colours of the Czech operator, to match the carriages, the Tauruses will remain ÖBB's property, will not be hired by ČD, and will be operated under the usual bi-lateral agreements involving cross-border operations of locomotives.
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