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After buses and trams: TSA electric motors now in Milano’s subways

posted on 11th Apr 2024 10:14

Milano’s subway system is gearing up for a green makeover with the integration of electric motors made in Austria. Following their success in buses and trams, Traktionssysteme Austria’s electric motors will now power the first batch of 21 new metro trains, worth 168 million EUR, serving lines M1 and M3.

The 368 million EUR contract between Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) and Hitachi Rail for 46 new subway trains, signed after a public tendering procedure, includes the delivery of 736 TSA-built motors. The standout feature of these traction drives, Type TMR 50A-22-4, lies in their unique design tailored to meet the specific demands of both Line M1 (Sesto FS – Rho Fiera) and Line M3 (San Donato – Comasina). A significant challenge arose from the differing supply voltages of 750 V and 1,500 V across the two lines. Through the implementation of a specialized motor configuration, TSA successfully tackled this challenge, resulting in the development of a universal propulsion system. This system seamlessly powers metro trains across both lines.

In addition to enhancing environmental sustainability, the new subway trains prioritize passenger comfort, accessibility, and safety, offering residents and tourists smoother and greener travels across Milano’s M1 and M3 lines.

The drive systems are developed and produced in Wiener Neudorf, Lower Austria. ‘Despite the international nature of our company and the global deployment of our electric motors in vehicles, it’s essential for us to keep supply chains as short as possible and strengthen Lower Austria as a production and industrial hub. Hence, we have planned investments totalling €35 million for projects, process optimizations, and the expansion of the site towards ‘TSA City’ until 2030,’ says Robert Tencl, CEO of Traktionssysteme Austria.

Ongoing developments are reflected in TSA’s products as well. Whether patented solutions in insulation technology or measurement tools optimized for customer requirements, Traktionssysteme Austria is a pioneer in the development of new technologies in many aspects. Additionally, sustainability is a key aspect. While electric mobility is already associated with environmental protection and CO2 emission reduction, Traktionssysteme Austria takes sustainability to a new level. The asynchronous motors, used in both RAIL and ROAD divisions, are free of rare earths and boast an exceptional lifespan of over 30 years.

The newly developed permanent magnet synchronous motors for ROAD division customers are among the most efficient motors on the market. With excellent power density and a peak efficiency of over 97 %, energy consumption is optimized, making them among the most environmentally conscious propulsion solutions in the rolling stock and road commercial vehicle sectors. In addition to that, TSA motors have a recycling rate of approx. 90 %.

Milano’s investment targets climate objectives

The Milano subway, also known as the Metropolitana, is the fastest mode of transportation in Milano, connecting the city’s main districts. ATM has put the first line into operation in 1964, the network now comprises five lines with a total length of 104 km and 121 stations. Lines M4 and M5 are the city’s driverless metros. Approximately 2 million people use ATM network every day. Statistics show a continuous increase in metro users.

ATM’s fleet expansion with Hitachi Rail metro trains is part of the company’s comprehensive investment plan in Milano’s public transportation. The goal is to create an increasingly sustainable and technologically advanced transportation system, ultimately contributing to global climate goals. In addition to the new metro trains, TSA electric motors have been powering Stadler Rail’s trams in Milano since 2022. In June 2023, ATM signed another framework agreement with Stadler Rail for 50 TRAMLINKs.

In road traffic, TSA electric motors power approximately 200 electric buses from Van Hool and Solaris, with continuous deliveries of new drives to Milano.

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