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Alstom to deliver 13 TRAXX3 MS locomotives to CLIP Intermodal

posted on 27th Mar 2024 10:10

On 25 March 2024 Alstom and CLIP Intermodal have announced the signing of contract for the supply of 13 TRAXX3 MS locomotives. They will be fitted for operation in France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Austria and Poland. The Alstom site in Kassel will be responsible for the final assembly, while the bodyshells will be manufactured at the Alstom facility in Wrocław. More details were not disclosed, however this means the same version of these locomotives as in case of those, which CFL Cargo recently put in service. These are now allowed to operate in Poland, Germany and Luxembourg, with Austria hoped to come later this year and Belgium and France not expected until 2025.

CLIP Intermodal is a Polish company specialised in intermodal transport, belonging to CLIP Group. It operates intermodal terminal in Swarzędz, near Poznań, which following its upgrade has eight reloading tracks, with an annual capacity of over 1 million TEU. Own fleet of CLIP Intermodal accounts to 500 intermodal wagons, however it is for the very first time the company invests in its own locomotives.

The Swarzędz terminal is the destination of one of the intermodal services on which CFL Cargo deploys its TRAXX3 MS locomotives. It is therefore possible that these locomotives will be used together to some extent.

Orders for the TRAXX3 MS locomotive have thus increased again. According to Alstom's answer, the contracts to date are as follows:
- TX Logistik 40 locomotives with an option for 25, the contract has been cancelled,
- ČD Cargo 49 locomotives,
- RegioJet 31 locomotives,
- CFL Cargo 10 locomotives,
- PCC Intermodal 4 locomotives,
- SNCB 24 (from the framework contract for 50 locomotives),
- Akiem 10 (originally for lease to ISC),
- Northrail 15 (from a framework contract for 50 locomotives),
- Akiem 65 (TRAXX Universal, from a framework contract for 100 locomotives),
- Railpool 50 (TRAXX Universal),
- ARF 16 locomotives,
- Clip Group 13 locomotives.

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