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Avril - Springtime Hopes?

posted on 5th Jan 2023 14:48

There are hopes that salvation of the services between Barcelona and Lyon/Marseille might come in the shape of Renfe's new Class 106 Avril fleet. Of the 15 fixed-gauge trains, 106 001, 003, and 005 to 009, are now on test, the remainder still being built. Of these 106 003 has been outshopped in AVLO livery. 

106 009 arrived in France for testing (1.5 kV DC, TVM 430 and KVB ATPs) on 4 October 2022 and test running started in early December, in Bretagne. Driver training must also take place. Altogether, these procedures could take a further four or five months. Renfe states that once these have been completed, it is ready to revive the services to Lyon and Marseille.  It is not known whether the delays in testing the Class 106s are the fault of Talgo, SNCF Réseau or Renfe - or all three.

Of the 15 variable-gauge Avrils, 106 051, 052, 053, 055 and 056 are on test, the remainder still being built. 106 051 wears AVLO livery, indicating Renfe's plans to expand its suite of low cost high speed services to destinations not reached by the 1,435 mm gauge network.

Units 01 to 15 with a 1,435 mm gauge have end cars numbered 106 001 - 015 and 106 101 - 115. On the other hand, the Avrils with the possibility of changing the track gauge are designated 51 to 65 for differentiation and the end cars have the numbers 106 051 - 065 and 106 151 - 165.

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