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Bane NOR Opened The Campus Nyland ERTMS Centre

posted on 19th Nov 2019 09:00

On 31 October 2019 the Norway railway infrastructure manager Bane NOR and Siemens Mobility celebrated the opening of Campus Nyland, a test, training and simulation centre for ERTMS/ETCS, where the railway employees will be able to learn there how to handle new technology and navigate the new routines. The Norwegian Railway Academy has already held a week-long course for dispatchers and is planning additional courses in the near future. Siemens, one of the three suppliers of the Norwegian ERTMS programme, has also completed its first basic course.

Siemens Mobility is the main ERTMS trackside equipment supplier in this programme, including the interlocking and radio block centres (RBC) and adopting an IP based architecture. Alstom is responsible for ETCS On-Board Units, and Thales for a management system. The Campus Nyland Test Lab will be equipped with actual technical components from all the central systems delivered through the ERTMS programme. This includes both signalling and safety installations, traffic management system, and the components to be installed in the trains. In addition to Bane NOR, also Alstom, Siemens, and Thales will use the centre for testing of this new ATP.

Norway has committed to become the first country to operate with a single digital interlocking and ERTMS signifies one of the country’s largest digitalisation projects. In 2022 Nordlandsbanen is scheduled to switch to ERTMS as the first stretch on the network. The whole network which include about 4,200 km of tracks and more than 350 stations is scheduled to complete in 2034. 

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