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Class 730 trains enter service on Birmingham’s Cross City Line

posted on 16th Apr 2024 15:14

On 15 April 2024, passengers on Birmingham’s iconic Cross City Line have been travelling on a brand new train fleet for the first time. West Midlands Railway (WMR) said the introduction of the Class 730 fleet represents the start of a new era for rail travel on the line, which is used by millions of passengers every year and connects Birmingham with destinations including Lichfield, Redditch and Bromsgrove.

The new fleet can carry a third more passengers than the 30-year-old fleet they are replacing. The fleet is made up of 48 three-car Aventra EMUs in total – making a total of 144 new carriages - and are part of a 1 billion GBP investment in new trains and infrastructure by WMR. Features include spacious interior with walk-through carriages, accessible toilets, WiFi and power points at every seat.

The Cross City Line is one of the busiest commuter routes in the country outside London, with millions of passenger journeys made every year. The line connects major conurbations across the West Midlands including Lichfield, Sutton Coldfield, Longbridge, Bromsgrove and Redditch. As well as serving Birmingham New Street, the line is also home to the recently redeveloped University station, which is used by millions of passengers annually.

The Class 730 fleet will be phased into service on the Cross City Line over the spring and summer months as the existing Class 323 trains are withdrawn from service. This means the line will be served by a mixture of Class 730s and Class 323s trains for the next few months, with the transition expected to be fully complete by the autumn.

The first Class 730 train in passenger service on the Cross City Line was 06.06 departure from Birmingham New Street to Lichfield Trent Valley. All Class 730s on the Cross City Line will run in pairs, meaning every train will have six carriages and capacity for more than 1,000 passengers.


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