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Contract For ETCS Retrofitting Of ČD Cargo Class 163 And 363 Locomotives Finished

posted on 2nd Nov 2022 09:12

On 1 November 2022, the contract for the retrofit of the on-board ETCS in 78 Class 163 and 363 locomotives of ČD Cargo was completed with a ceremonial act at Plzeň main station. The contract was implemented by a consortium of contractors ČD - Telematika (leader) and AŽD Praha. The very last locomotive to be retrofitted with the OBU ETCS was 363.256. However, 363.016 was present at the event in Plzeň for organizational and operational reasons as a representative of the entire retrofitted batch. All machines are equipped with the Alstom’s Atlas ETCS solution.

The symbolic ribbon on the second picture is cut by (from the right) Jan Hobza, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD - Telematika, Antonín Diviš, Deputy Director for Research and Development of AŽD, Patrizio Bruno Scuderoni, Deputy Commercial Director for Mobile Systems of AŽD, Tomáš Businský, Member of the Board of Directors and Director of Telecommunication and Infrastructure Services at ČD - Telematika, Tomáš Tóth, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ČD Cargo, Dan Kurucz, Managing Director of Alstom for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Richard Olle, Managing Director of ČMŽO - Elektronika.

Among other things, ČD - Telematika is currently working on retrofitting 30 Class 363.5 locomotives of ČD Cargo.

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