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EcoMet Gearboxes For Hangzhou Airlink Metro Trains

posted on 14th Dec 2021 15:32

In September 2021, ZF started delivery of the new Type EcoMet axle gearboxes for CRRC Puzhen. The latter chose the technology from ZF for 45 trains to be used on a brand-new Hangzhou Airlink metro line in Hangzhou, the contract covering a total of 720 gearboxes.

The metropolis of Hangzhou is home of some 10 million people, it is a hub of the Chinese economy, international trade and e-commerce. The local public transport authority registers approximately 600 million passengers per year. 

As a direct connection, the new Airlink will link the west train station of the province's capital with Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. It will only take about 50 minutes to commute between the airport and the train station, covering 59 km and 17 stops.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International served over 35 million passengers in 2017. In view of the predictably high frequency of the new metro line, there are higher requirements in terms of driving comfort and reliability. The Airlink line is to reach its full capacity by June 2022 - in a good time before the 2022 Asian Games.

The new 120km/h 4,000 kW six-car units have 16 powered and 8 non-powered wheelsets. Each 250 kW traction motor is linked to the EcoMet gearbox, which has a gear ratio of 5,318, maximum rotational speed of 4,400 rpm and a maximum starting torque of 2,079 Nm. Each gearbox has a horizontal axle distance of 360 mm and a weight of 310 kg.

With EcoMet, ZF has established a new standard for metro gearboxes. This design features a suitable clutch and torque support. Also, it is basically secured in terms of lubrication, leak tightness, acoustics and load testing. It was designed for variable centre distances and ratios during development. Now, customers no longer have to commission time-consuming and expensive redesigns for every vehicle.

Since it comes as a modular kit, EcoMet can be flexibly adapted to many applications. ZF relies on standardised components and seamless logistics chains. Therefore, the EcoMet gearboxes are delivered within six to eight months. 

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