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EffiShunter 1000M For ČD

posted on 7th Feb 2022 16:27

On 7 February 2022, ČD signed a contract with CZ LOKO for the complete modernisation of 14 Class 742 diesel locomotives, i. e. all of this class in its fleet. CZ LOKO was the winner of the tender announced last year, the contract is worth over 684 million CZK (around 27 million EUR). The modernisation will create the Type EffiShunter 1000M, which is currently also supplied to ČD Cargo, with which a 50-strong contract was concluded in 2018; the 32nd locomotive was taken over in January 2022.

Michal Kraus, member of the Board of Directors and Deputy General Manager for maintenance at ČD, explains: „The comprehensive modernisation of the Class 742 locomotives fits in with our Strategy 2030, in which we want to renew a significant part of our fleet. Together with the Class 750.7 „Goggles“ locomotives, the EffiShunters 1000M machines will be designed for hauling trains on the Czech corridors equipped with the trackside ETCS from 1 January 2025.“

During the modernisation, the Class 742 locomotives will be equipped with a 1,000 kW CAT diesel engine, new traction equipment and auxiliary drives, online monitoring and diagnostics and, last but not least, the OBU ETCS. The maximum speed will be increased to 100 km/h (initially 90 km/h). Only the bogies and main frame will remain original, but they will also undergo a major overhaul and many modifications.

The first locomotive of the new Class 742.71 is due to be taken over by ČD by the end of February 2023, and the last one by the end of 2024. They will be used for hauling trains during voltage closures on electrified lines, for technological runs on lines with ETCS, emergency trains and suchlike.

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