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ELP expands its fleet with additional EURODUALs

posted on 5th Jan 2024 10:15

On 27 December 2023, European Loc Pool ordered an additional 10 new EURODUALs. Originally entering into a framework agreement for a minimum of 100 six-axle Co'Co' hybrid locomotives, ELP has now surpassed initial expectations by ordering a total of 114 locomotives.

These ten new EURODUALs are scheduled to be delivered in 2025 and 2026 and they are not yet leased. They will be delivered with homologation for Germany and Austria. Additionally, the homologation is pending in Slovenia and Croatia following the recent approval in Serbia. ELP will be able to provide these locomotives with a special corridor package, including Slovenia, Croatia, and Serbia, creating a corridor from the northern German ports to the Adriatic ports. This option will also become available for the existing ELP's EURODUAL fleet.

This new order is increasing ELP’s total fleet size to 114 locomotives (84 EURODUAL and 30 EURO9000 locomotives). Today, 101 locomotives are contracted for long-term full-service lease (71 EURODUALs + 30 EURO9000s), of which 64 EURODUALs are in operation; 58 with the configuration Germany and Austria and 6 in Scandinavia. Locomotive 159 260 leased to BELog just before Christmas is the last delivery at the moment.

Additionally, seven EURO9000 locomotives of the configuration Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, and Belgium are currently in operation. Another 10 EURODUALs and 23 EURO9000s are due to be put into operation and handed over this year, which means a real "invasion" of the latter version - this is the result of its recent homologation in Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands, which was a condition for continued supply. Just homologation for Italy remains still pending. As all of these quadruple-voltage locomotives that ELP has ordered so far are already contracted for lease, further orders from Stadler Valéncia are expected soon.

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