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EMD Locomotive At Yakutian Railways

posted on 30th May 2021 10:00

In April 2021, Zheleznye dorogi Yakutii (ZhDYa, Yakutian railways) announced that it is testing a diesel locomotive from Electro-Motive Diesel (EMD, part of Progress Rail, a Caterpillar company) on its lines. It is a two-section locomotive, which according to the Russian scheme has been designated 2TE3250-001/002.

The locomotive, with a Co'Co' + Co'Co' axle arrangement, has a top speed of 120 km/h, asynchronous traction equipment and is of EMD Type SD42ACe-R. It was built at the Muncie works in Indiana. Its engines operate on a mixture of 20 % diesel and 80 % gas, with fuel tanks enabling to run between 5 000 - 6 000 km. Further technical information has not yet been made public; the number 3250 in the class designation could characterise the power of each section.

ZhDYa reports that in Yakutia the locomotive is being tested under extreme Siberian conditions. If it proves successful, there are plans to start joint production of the Class 2TE3250 locomotives at the Aldan depot. Initially, production will include a small portion of localisation - main frames and driver's cabs. Over time, other components are to be produced in Russia. The locomotives are also to be produced for other customers at a later date.

It is interesting why ZhDYa does not purchase, for example, the Class 2TE25K2M or 3TE25K2M locomotives from BMZ (Bryansk works), which run on the "nearby" BAM. The operator states that it needs new powerful locomotives to cope with the growing transport volumes, while it is also necessary to replace the old Soviet-built machines. Current expectations are that the first phase of trials should be completed this July.

ZhDYa operates about 800 km of lines and was established in October 1995 to complete the construction and subsequent management of the Amur - Yakutsk line. It is currently owned by RZD (46.85 %), Republic of Sakha (44.3 %) and minority shareholders.

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