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First EffiShunter for ČD

posted on 30th May 2023 09:31

The first of the EffiShunter 1000M locomotives for ČD has completed a test run. With the contract announced at the beginning of February 2022, ČD has ordered the modernisation of all its remaining fourteen Class 742 locomotives. These will be of the standard Subclass 742.71X design, but will be registered as s Subclass 743.2.

They are intended for various duties of unregular kind, like to ensure traction when OHL voltage supply is switched off, haulage of various test or service trains on lines fitted with ETCS, movement of stock, which can not run under its own power, haulage of rescue trains and suchlike. However, they may also appear in regular passenger transport, which is envisaged in the initial test period, but at least in an irregular form later during their normal operation, too.

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