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First New FLIRT G For BCh

posted on 7th Dec 2020 19:00

On 18 January 2019 Belarusskaya Chygunka awarded Stadler a contract for ten five-car, 25 kV AC, 160 km/h Type FLIRT G EMUs for inter-city business class services. Their design will be based on the two seven-car Class EPM FLIRTs which have been in service since August 2016 between Minsk and Gomel.

Final assembly of the first new Class EPMII FLIRT EMU was finished in October 2020 and then the commissioning started. The certification testing of EPMII-001 will take place in early 2021. The handover to the operator is planned for summer 2021, with a subsequent start of the batch deliveries.

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