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First three EURO9000s handed over

posted on 30th Jun 2023 12:26

During June, European Loc Pool handed over the first three EURO9000 locomotives for lease. As previously reported, Rail Force One (RFO) took delivery of 2019 304 on 12 June 2023 and RTB Cargo took delivery of 2019 305 on 14 June. This was followed by 2019 307 for HSL Logistik on 21 June. Trial runs and staff training follows, with RTB Cargo being the first operator deploying its locomotive on line service with freight trains.

For now, it will stick with these three, with ELP anticipating further handovers once approvals are achieved in Switzerland, the Netherlands and Belgium, which should be sorted out by this autumn. The EURO9000 locomotives have so far, on 13 March 2023, received approval for operation in Germany and Austria. ELP has ordered 30 of these machines from Stadler and has until now concluded leasing contracts for 21 of them, with Rail Force One (4), RTB CARGO (4), HSL Logistik (5), IGE (2), Lokomotion (2), LTE (2) and ecco-rail (2).

ELP has ordered 74 EURODUAs in the basic version for operation on 15/25 kV voltages (six of them in the version for operation in Sweden and Norway and the rest for operation in Germany and Austria) and about fifty have been put into service so far - most recently in June, the locomotive 159 247 was leased by the Internationale Gesellschaft für Eisenbahnverkehr IGE and 159 248 by the Netzwerkbahn Sachsen (NeS).

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