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ForCity In Ostrava In Test Service With Passengers

posted on 29th Nov 2021 19:05

On 29 November 2021, the first Type 39T Škoda ForCity Smart tram of DPO (Ostrava transport company) started its test operation with passengers. This followed after the car in question, No. 1751, had covered 20,000 km in test operation without passengers without load (10,000 km) and with a simulated load (10,000 km) during October and November. This was achieved on 23 November and the first service with passengers started on the 29th at 10.16 h from the Martinov loop on Line 4.

When the 20,000 km test service with passengers is over and Drážní úřad, the Czech Rail Authority, grants the new vehicle a certificate, the official takeover of 1751 by DPO and diagramming in regular service is scheduled for February 2022.

1751 is the first of a batch of 35 ForCity Smart trams. A contract for 30 vehicles was signed between DPO and Škoda Transportation in September 2018 with an option for ten more. Then four ones were ordered in October 2020 and one more in June 2021. 

Initially, it was planned that the first ten trams would be built by Škoda Transportation in Plzeň and the rest by Škoda Ekova in Ostrava. Then there was talk of six trams from Plzeň, and finally only the first two will come from here and the remainder of the batch will be produced in Ostrava, which is the result of negotiations with DPO.

These two-car 100 % low-floor, fully air-conditioned trams operating at 600 V DC have a maximum operating speed of 80 km/h and a 2' Bo' Bo' axle arrangement. They are 26.6 m long, 2.5 m wide and have a maximum height of 3.6 m above rail top (with pantograph lowered). The trams will offer 60 seats and 140 standing places, with five double-leaf entrance doors. The tare weight is 36.8 t and 56 t when fully occupied.

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