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GBRf tests innovative brake monitoring system

posted on 6th Nov 2023 07:51

On 24 October 2023 GB Railfreight announced a successful four-week test of a new solution for monitoring wheel and brake issues. Developed in collaboration with Icomera, DG8 and SENSEi, this innovative system enables battery-powered sensors to remotely share status and out-of-tolerance alerts with drivers and operational control centres, whilst they perform vehicle pre-checks.

This IoT (Internet of Things) technology can help to create a safer and more efficient rail network by reducing the amount of incidents relating to wheel and brake faults. No known method has previously existed for delivering freight wagon brake sensor data to the driver in the locomotive wirelessly, via a closed system. When using the system, train drivers receive sensor data directly to an application on a tablet in their cab. This allows them to take immediate action to mitigate against potential wheel or break-related risk factors as well as respond to real-time feedback on the results of their actions.

Damon Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, SENSEi Networks Limited, said: “The utilisation of low-power sensors, long range, wireless networking and edge intelligence is enabling long sought ambitions for autonomous monitoring and real-time alerting to be realised in the freight rail sector, fulfilling the potential for significant improvements to operational efficiency, cost and safety.”

Following this successful test, the next set of solutions are currently being developed with further trials being scheduled. 

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